Friday, February 26, 2010

soon be wandering sale day

Hey Folks,

Thanks to everyone who came along last Sunday to help us raise just over $4100 for the Australian Cancer Research Foundation. It was hot and sunny but people were lining up from 10am until the "doors" opened at 2! (Hopefully no one got sunburnt, eep!) Cheers to Emma from Dropstitch and Dani from Streetmuse who were there taking snaps of all the pretty people.

The racks were pretty much cleared out by 3pm and after packing up, Hannah, Martina and I went for a splash in the water fountain installation outside PICA. We could hear the kids screaming with laughter all day and had been looking forward to it from about 10am when we arrived, so it was a sweet, sweet victory.

A big thank you to Georgina Mavor at the Perth Markets for all of her help and being very lovely. Also cheers to Martina and Gordon for their crowd controlling and, of course, Bobby for his delicious cakey pops.

The next sale will be in about 3 months and we'll keep you posted here and on our facebook page.

Thanks again!
Sophia and two bucks 'til wednesday