Sunday, September 27, 2009

Up, Up And Away: the day of the sale!

Thanks to everyone who came along this sunny Saturday to get their paws on some cracking vintage threads, you helped us raise $4,600 for the Australian Cancer Research Foundation!!

It was an amazing day, we hope you all had fun and got yourself a pretty piece or five! People were lining up from 9.30am, enjoying the sunshine, getting snapped by dropstitch's Emma ( and, a bit later on, munching on delicious marshmallow cakie-pops from Bobby the Baker.

Now, wear your lovely new vintage outfits well, and we'll see you in January for the summer sale! Stay tuned...

Love, Two Bucks 'Til Wednesday

Sunday, September 20, 2009


We'll be handing out tokens for entry at about 1pm to the first 100 people and then when they've gone in, we'll hand out the next 100 tokens. So you'll have to stick around if you want to be in the first 200! We'll be setting up all morning so we won't really have time to hand out tokens any earlier than this. Sorry if I confused anyone with the last post there.

Okey doke, see you on Saturday!


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

stampede in the gorge!

Hi all,

I thought I'd let you know that this time round we'll be doing things differently so as to avoid the "stampede in the gorge" effect of the last few sales.

At 2pm the first 100 people lined up will be let in and allowed 30 minutes inside. Then at 2:30pm the next 100 people will be let in and allowed 30 minutes inside. For this first hour it's 3 items max. per customer so that there'll be more to go 'round!

Then at 3pm it's doors open to anyone and everyone and there's no limit to the number of items you can buy!

We'll be giving out tokens for entry to the first 200 people as they arrive, so no sneaky pushing in!!!

Thank you for all of your support, we hope to see you at the sale!!!


P.S. If you have any questions about the sale or what we do, please send your queries to

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Up, up and away!

Here's a small peek of some of the treasures you'll be able to score yourself at our next sale!
(Which, incidently, is on saturday the 26th of september at the Mount Hawthorn Community Hall at 2pm)

All photos are taken by the incendiary Cameron Etchells. To see them all, and RSVP to the event, go to

We're so excited about the sale and we can't wait to see you there!

Hannah and the Two Bucks-ers

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Help us name our spring sale!

Hooray! It's time for Two Bucks 'til Wednesday's Spring sale!

The sun will be shining, the freesias blooming, the birds singing, and you'll be coming along to the Mount Hawthorn Community Hall on Saturday the 26th of September.

The sale begins at 2pm and will be chock full of lovely vintage dresses, jackets, cardigans, skirts, blouses, tees, jeans, shorts, scarves, shoes, belts, bags and jewellery. And of course, everything is priced between $2 and $20 and all goes to the Australian Cancer Research Foundation (!

What could be better than cheerfully-priced charitable vintage goodies in a pretty park on a spring afternoon? Not much, that's what!

The only thing is, we can't think up a suitable name for our upcoming sale. We need your help! Post your suggestions in the comments section and give us a hand... (Past names have been "Winter Wonderland", "Joyeux Anniversaire", "Thrills are Cheap", "Sweet as a Plum", etc)

See you at the sale, we'll have photos posted up very soon so stay tuned... - RSVP on our facebook!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Since we started up Two Bucks a few years back, we've been blessed with having lovely people get in contact with us and help us out. It means so much to us and without those people we wouldn't have come as far as we have and raised as much money as we have for the Australian Cancer Research Foundation!

One such act of generousity was just last week, from a lovely lady named Helen who owns and runs Hey Joe Retro, a vintage clothing and collectables shop on South St about 10 minutes drive out of Fremantle. She's been really interested in the Two Bucks sales since I first went in there a couple of months ago and got chatting to her about good op shops to visit.

Then, on my last visit, she donated four big bags full of amazing vintage clothes and shoes she had no room for in the shop (seriously, the place is a crammed-full treasure trove). The stuff she gave us was wonderful (and will be on sale at our spring sale at the end of September), and all of us were so touched by her thoughtfulness!

Thanks so much, Helen!

Hannah x

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Winter workshops!

Looking for something fun and creative to do on Saturday? Well, Anna and I will be holding our first vintage DIY workshop in the new cabin artspace next door to Bon Marche Pigeonhole, you should come along!

The workshops will be devoted to showing you how to alter, style or renovate your op shop finds into something that will fit you well, doesn't smell like grandma's moth-balls, but is still a classic and genuine vintage piece of clothing! You'll be taught how to always have luck at the op shop and how to have the foresight to turn that size 26 floral muu-muu with a lovely print into a pretty and wearable dress. The workshop will cover basic sewing, op-shopping tips, some knowledge of fashion and textile styles from 1950-1990, and result in a renovated piece of vintage clothing that fits like a dream!

Attendees must bring with them:
- a piece or two of op shop/vintage clothing you've found that needs to be altered/renovated/ styled to be more wearable. Example: huge, long dresses with shoulder pads, maybe, or skirts and blouses with awesome fabric that are just not generally wearable
- a pair of scissors
- a notebook and pen
- a sense of adventure!

Date: Vintage 1 – Saturday August 1st, 2 - 4pm
Vintage 2 – Saturday August 29th, 2 - 4pm
Cost: $20 at the door

There are limited places available so get in quick!

To register, email your contact details to: with VINTAGE WORKSHOP REGISTRATION in the subject line, specifying which date you would like to attend.

See you there!

Love, Hannah x

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

cheap sweet treats!

For those of you who've made it along to the last few sales, you might've been lucky enough to get your hands on some the special $2 Cakiepops donated by Bobby the Baker.

These custom made Cakiepops are very special for a few reasons- they're the only ones with marshmallows in them, they're friggin' delicious AND all of the money raised from their sales goes to the Australian Cancer Research Foundation!!

Bobby is also holding a Baking Workshop at Pigeonhole as part of the store's Cabin Fever winter arts project. Opening night is tomorrow night, Wednesday the 22nd of July, at 7pm in the creative space next to the Bon Marche Arcade store. Here you can sign up for Bobby's class as well as the Vintage Styling workshop that will be run by our very own Hannah McGrath and Anna Brown.

So, if you still only get $2 a week for pocket money, put it aside until the next sale and grab a delicious treat to see you through the queue!

Much love,
Sophia and tbtw

(p.s. Here's a pic of the aforementioned Cakiepops. Ours are a bit different because they're pink and not months old like these ones probably are by now.)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Accio Shoulder Pads!

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "If Professor McGonagall (the best female Harry Potter character there is) can wear mad, structured shoulders, why can't I?". Well, we at two bucks 'til wednesday hear you. Oh yes, we do. So as an ode to Minerva, we'll be saving all of the shoulder pads we rip out of our vintage clothes and will be giving them away on our next sale day.

We know that a lot of people like their silhouettes to be au natural, but if you want bulk up your blazer or sharpen up your shirt, feel free to take as many home as you can carry.

In parting, I've always said it and I'll say it again- winter is a great time to read a Harry Potter book, or seven, so if you haven't already, you really need to do that.

Much love,
Sophia and tbtw

Thursday, July 9, 2009

home again, home again, jiggity-jig!

We just got back from a lovely roadtrip down south to The Pole and Manji(mup). There was a lot of Harry Potter, Ligretto and cups of tea to be had as we kept warm by the fireplace. Sigh...
Oh, and we got some absolutely sweet bargains at the op-shops along the way- tan loafers, denim shirts, cream blouses and adorable knitwear a'plenty.

We've got a couple more months of op-shopping to do before the next sale, but we'll keep you updated in the mean time (meantime?).

So, until then, enjoy your wintery holidays!

Much love,
Sophia and two bucks 'til wednesday

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Winter Wonderland

We had our winter sale last weekend!

It went absolutely amazingly, even the blustery weather couldn't deter the flocks of pretty vintage-clad girls and boys who lined up from 10.30 under their umbrellas, waiting patiently for 2 pm when we opened the doors. By 1.30 pm there were about 500 of them!

We had eight big racks crammed full of clothes, an entire wall of the hall lined with shoes and boots, suitcases of scarves, bags and belts... And we sold out in under an hour! We raised $5,100!!
We still can't wipe the grins off our faces.

Thank you so very much to everybody who came, we hope you got a vintage bargain or three.

Here are some photos from our last shoot of some of the treats that were available on the day...

We'll be loading up photos from the day of the sale soon, stay tuned!


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

why, hello!

It's so lovely to see you! Welcome to the blog of Two Bucks 'Til Wednesday.

We collect and sell all the best vintage treats we can get our paws on, all to raise money for the Australian Cancer Research Foundation (

Two Bucks is based in the fair city of Perth, Western Australia, and we hold sales four times a year (in summer, autumn, winter and spring), where we fill an old hall full of incredibly lovely op-shopped treasures for you to come and peruse!
Everything is, of course, very cheerfully priced (our name is based on a very true and recurring story!) between $2 and $20, with all funds raised going towards cancer research.

To find out about when and where our next sales will be, plus to see pretty pictures of the things we collect, subscribe to our blog!

See you soon!