Sunday, January 16, 2011

so much op shopping

Hello Friends!
I realised that I haven't written a post in 3 months so I should let you know what we're up to and that we're very much still alive and two bucksing. We just got back from a trip down to beloved Walpole and did so much op shopping that I couldn't see out the back window when we drove home- safe! We visited the Walpole op shop and the lady remembered us from last time. We filled up two huge black garbage bags with clothes and she asked if $20 would be too much. Ridiculous! I made her take $50 and we left very happily.

We stopped in Denmark for a little bit of op-shopping but the Red Cross shop wouldn't let us in because we got there at closing time. Little did they know how much we would've bought! Assuming they were well stocked, that is.

Albany proved to be very worthwhile too. The boys got bored and drove themselves back to the shack while Anna, Hannah, Dani and I scoured about 5 shops and came home with about $200 worth of stuff. At the RSPCA shop we met Oscar the op-shop cat who kind of runs the place and was a pretty handsome cat, for a cat.
So, now we're preparing for our birthday photo shoot at Dani's on Sunday. We've planned a little bit of a party for our friends to celebrate our 4th birthday! Lots of stuff to do and still lots of op-shopping to be done to make sure everyone can find something to wear on the day.

So, keep your eyes open for the photos and your ears open for the sale date that will probs be at the end of February.
Much love,