Tuesday, July 21, 2009

cheap sweet treats!

For those of you who've made it along to the last few sales, you might've been lucky enough to get your hands on some the special $2 Cakiepops donated by Bobby the Baker.

These custom made Cakiepops are very special for a few reasons- they're the only ones with marshmallows in them, they're friggin' delicious AND all of the money raised from their sales goes to the Australian Cancer Research Foundation!!

Bobby is also holding a Baking Workshop at Pigeonhole as part of the store's Cabin Fever winter arts project. Opening night is tomorrow night, Wednesday the 22nd of July, at 7pm in the creative space next to the Bon Marche Arcade store. Here you can sign up for Bobby's class as well as the Vintage Styling workshop that will be run by our very own Hannah McGrath and Anna Brown.

So, if you still only get $2 a week for pocket money, put it aside until the next sale and grab a delicious treat to see you through the queue!

Much love,
Sophia and tbtw

(p.s. Here's a pic of the aforementioned Cakiepops. Ours are a bit different because they're pink and not months old like these ones probably are by now.)

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