Sunday, September 20, 2009


We'll be handing out tokens for entry at about 1pm to the first 100 people and then when they've gone in, we'll hand out the next 100 tokens. So you'll have to stick around if you want to be in the first 200! We'll be setting up all morning so we won't really have time to hand out tokens any earlier than this. Sorry if I confused anyone with the last post there.

Okey doke, see you on Saturday!



  1. you should charge people an entry fee!

    thats what the sugar blue burlesque vintage sale did and they still had a decent crowd

    especially cause the profits are goin to charity

  2. we've thought about that before but decided against it for a few reasons. people are more than welcome to give an extra donation if they want though!

  3. this was a genius idea; THANK YOU
    I dont think i would have rocked up if this wasn't thought of, the insane crowds have begun to put me off :-(

  4. no worries! see you on saturday.