Wednesday, May 26, 2010

thank you!

Cheers to everyone who made it out in the yucky, cold weather on Sunday. We raised $3800 for the Australian Cancer Research Foundation!

We've already begun collecting for our next sale that will be on in a few months time as we're hoping to make this one bigger and better than the last. In the meantime you can still get your vintage fix from local sales around town. There's a sale coming up in a couple of week's time, on the 6th of June, that you can get the details for here.

Until we meet again, take care and keep warm!

Two Bucks 'til Wednesday

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  1. hey tbtw,
    national swap day is coming up in September and I was hoping to get all the swapping entities in Perth together for a mega event! my name is Vanessah and my friend Mia and I host the Clothing Exchange. not only will we be swapping, but promoting wearing and sharing - would love to hear from you :)
    Vanessah x