Tuesday, October 5, 2010


This is just a post to let you all know how our last sale went. We got quite a few people along, not as many as we'd thought we would, but that's ok as it was a bit more relaxed than usual (which is a good thing). We still went home with a few lovely pieces (and some size 24 maxi dresses, Hannah) but we raised $4300!
So, thank you to those of you who ventured out of your lovely warm homes into the chilly spring weather to support a good cause. We've sent the ACRF about $24,500 over the last few years so I feel like bit by bit we're making a difference. Also, a bit cheers to Cam, Martina, Gordon, Emma, Bobby the Baker, Transit Clothing in Mt Lawley and Dee from Winifred & Bance for all of their help.
On the Thursday night before the sale, my Mum got off the phone with her brother and told us that the Non-Hodgkin's he'd had years ago, and beat, had returned. Fortunately, thank God, they removed all of the tumour and the results are looking very positive. It's absolutely amazing what doctors know and can do now thanks to the help of researchers. Without funds, research into cancer treatments and prevention isn't possible, so we thank all of you who support what we do so that we can support what they do.For Brian Brown, David Etchells, Keith Evans, Jill Selley, Gwen Symons, Taylor Bassett, and every mother, father, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, son, daughter, grandmother, grandfather, wife, husband and love that has gone.


  1. xoxoxo - I got a little teary with your dedication.

  2. Hey, You guys popped into my head tonight so thought I would come over and see the latest....oh you took me by surprise...thank you thank you for all you have raised and for the reasons you have raised it.