Wednesday, June 24, 2009

why, hello!

It's so lovely to see you! Welcome to the blog of Two Bucks 'Til Wednesday.

We collect and sell all the best vintage treats we can get our paws on, all to raise money for the Australian Cancer Research Foundation (

Two Bucks is based in the fair city of Perth, Western Australia, and we hold sales four times a year (in summer, autumn, winter and spring), where we fill an old hall full of incredibly lovely op-shopped treasures for you to come and peruse!
Everything is, of course, very cheerfully priced (our name is based on a very true and recurring story!) between $2 and $20, with all funds raised going towards cancer research.

To find out about when and where our next sales will be, plus to see pretty pictures of the things we collect, subscribe to our blog!

See you soon!


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