Thursday, June 25, 2009

Winter Wonderland

We had our winter sale last weekend!

It went absolutely amazingly, even the blustery weather couldn't deter the flocks of pretty vintage-clad girls and boys who lined up from 10.30 under their umbrellas, waiting patiently for 2 pm when we opened the doors. By 1.30 pm there were about 500 of them!

We had eight big racks crammed full of clothes, an entire wall of the hall lined with shoes and boots, suitcases of scarves, bags and belts... And we sold out in under an hour! We raised $5,100!!
We still can't wipe the grins off our faces.

Thank you so very much to everybody who came, we hope you got a vintage bargain or three.

Here are some photos from our last shoot of some of the treats that were available on the day...

We'll be loading up photos from the day of the sale soon, stay tuned!



  1. Shiny shiny!

    I wanted to come but I was without any funds :(


  2. Ah, a story I know only too well! Our next sale is at the end of September, so start saving your pennies!