Sunday, March 13, 2011

two bucks goes fourth sale day

Hello Ladies and Germs,
I thought I'd give you an update on how our last sale went, just in case you don't follow us on facebook. It was a crazy hot day, 38 degrees or something awful, so we didn't have very high hopes for a big turnout. With the help of Emma, Patrick, Alicia, Cam and my big brother, John, we had everything set up for doors open at 2pm and Bobby the Baker brought us our two bucks cakie pops- strawberry and marshmallow- to sell for funds. What a nice guy!

The actual sale was quite cruisy and pretty warm. Lots of lovely things were taken home but lots of lovely things were left over too. All in all we raised about $2200 for the ACRF, which is certainly better than a punch in the face.

So, thank you to everyone who came along in the heat and put their money towards finding treatments and a cure for cancer. Keep your eyes open for news of our next sale.(some pictures of Hannah and I with some lovely customers, Evie and Emily)

Until next time, keep being nice to people.





  1. Fantastic effort you guys are real warriors for the cause.

  2. thanks guys :) lovely of you!

  3. Just thought I'd inform you... we had a photo shoot and some of my girls wore what we found at the sale :)

    We added them to our blog aswell as our facebook

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