Monday, April 16, 2012

now we are five

Hello folks!

Well, I'm a terrible person and haven't written a blog post in a year. To be honest, you've only missed out on one sale and hopefully you've been following us on facebook. Our last one was a part of the Re-Style Perth Fashion Festival event and was lots of fun. Here's a pic of Hannah and me from the sale day...
Thank you to eveyrone who made it along on the day to help us raise $3200 for the Australian Cancer Research Foundation. We received a letter from the ACRF in October letting us know that since we started Two Bucks 'til Wednesday in 2007, we've sent them over $28,000. Bit by bit it adds up!

So, now we are five. To help with our photoshoot for the next sale we enlisted lots of friends to be our models. We used the All of the Above Creative studio in 140 William for the shoot and, with a backdrop of wood and leaves, Cameron took some pictures of the best looking people you've ever seen.

So, our next sale is on Saturday the 28th of April, 2012 at the All of the Above Creative studio in 140 William. Doors open at 2pm and, as usual, we will have the loveliest dresses, shoes, bags, skirts, tops, jackets, scarves, belts and more all priced between $2 and$20. All money raised goes to the Australian Cancer Research Foundation so support their work to find treatments, preventions and, ultimately, a cure for cancer.

We know that nowadays there's a vintage sale every other weekend and you can get your vintage fixes online, in stores, at flea markets and more, but we'd LOVE it if you could make it along to support us on the 28th. It would mean so much to us and, more importantly, the ACRF.

Much love,

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  1. Great photo shoot, and congrats on raising 28k, how fantastic!!! :)